A successful meeting is often a consequence of the participants feeling comfortable and relaxed. Allow therefore the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the serenity whilst you are here. For those wanting to do, or see a bit more within our natural surroundings, we have some following tips:  Allow us to help you find the right activity for your event..


Book a conference package for team building or an adventure. You can also book a day or hour of fun together with friends or family. We have a good cooperation with Äventyrsservice. If you would like to have fun doing something a little different whilst you are here with us, we have lots of choices. We have riverrafting – here you can choose from  7-battles, Team building court, a swim in the wild or a excursion with our large canoes, walking or skiing. Call for more information and we will assist you.

Beach Volleyboll

We have an amazing Indoor Beach Volleyball barn across the street. A large barn that is filled with sand, power and fun. Here you can endure team building excersizes of different kinds or why not challenge your workmates to a game after the conference. Call us and we will tell you all about it. The Barn is best to use from early May through until late September.

Mackmyra Swedish Whisky

We are very proud of our Swedish Mackmyra Whisky and there are many reasons why we have chosen to include it as our house whisky. Their development has been a rapid one and there are a lot of exciting tastes to explore. We have many different blends on offer, or why not take a trip for a guided tour around the Mackmyra distillery with or without tasting, your choice. Contact us directly and we can create a personal package deal to suit you.

Älvkarleby Golf club


Are you up for a game of Golf?

Herrgård is in a perfect location, just a ‘3 wood drive’ away from our beautiful Golf course in Älvkarleby, just beside the river. We have different golf packages and can also have tailor made excursions designed for your individual needs. Contact us and we will help you.

Furuvik Park and Zoo

The Charming Furuvik Park and zoo is just around the corner from us. A place that has something for the whole family. Adventure pool area, meet the animals, try out all the rides. Furuvik park has an absolutely stunning ocean side setting and vast amounts of space. Why not book a cottage with us with its own kitchen this summer, we also sell tickets to the park. Start the summer adventure with us.

Rent a Cottage

We have two beautiful country cottages self contained with all cooking amenities and breathtaking views overlooking the water. Close proximity to Furuviksparken, swimming areas and amazing forest walks.The cottages sleep 8 or 6 people (extra beds are also available) Welcome to the peace and tranquility of Älvkarleö Bruk.

A Warm Welcome!